Staff Asia

For Students

Why waste your time when you can earn some handsome cash and gain professional experience before graduation!

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Staff Asia is an unique outsourcing organization serving clients globally on various projects.

Excellent, unique and dynamic working environment where a global vibrant team works daily.

We always want talents and creative people to join out team. We make leaders of the future.

Why Join Staff Asia

Calling all talented students out there in Sylhet. Join our vibrant team and improve your career.

Hourly Payment

We offer standard remuneration policy for students. You will be paid on an hourly basis. Also, there are amazing opportunities to get bonuses.

Student Friendly Shifts

There will shifts suitable for any type of students. You can join completely student friendly shift or regular shift with flexible working hours.

Friendly Work Culture

Staff asia is totally unique in terms of work environment. We care for each other and maintain strong team bonding. You will be a part global team.

What we do

We operate as an outsourcing firm helping different international companies with research, content, design and digital marketing. Staff Asia believes in people empowerment. We strive on the motto – ‘Together we can’.

Content Development

Staff Asia provides state of the art content development services to the popular brands in UK, USA, Australia and Middle East.

Digital Marketing

We help companies with performance marketing, advertising, email marketing, growth hacking, affiliate marketing and many more.

Research & Development

Staff Asia is a leading global market research organisation. We carry out a range of business-to-business market research projects.

We want to help you with increasing your skills, get professional experience, earn handsome money and build a better future